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Sorry, Let Me Take This…
It’s happened to all of us.  We’re in a conversation with someone, perhaps even a boss or co-worker, when their cell phone beeps.  Rather than ignoring the phone and continuing with the conversation, they take the call or look at the text.  Does that annoy you as much as it annoys me?

Leadership speaker and writer Geoffrey Webb has a great blog post entitled “10 Rules of Tech-etiquette” that should be required reading, especially for those just starting out in the professional world.  His premise is that we’ve allowed technology – computers, cell phones – to become so invasive in our lives that it gets in the way of connecting with each other.   As he says, ‘It’s not the technology, it’s how we use the technology.’

His point is especially true in the business world, where everyone is seemingly chained to his or her  Bluetooth, cell, or iPhone.  How we handle these distractions when we’re with other people sends a message to them.  Webb encourages us to be ‘present’ with the people we are with, not attempting to multi-task. One of Webb’s rules even addresses when a live phone call or visit is more appropriate, as opposed to simply leaving a message, or sending a text or email.

From closing a laptop when someone is talking to you, to ignoring that call or text when you’re in a conversation, to turning your cell off while in a meeting, you can let others know that they are valued and important.  They’ll love you for it.

For the full list, visit Webb’s blog, “Leading on Purpose” via the link below..

Let’s talk…then I’ll take that call…;-)

Dr. Marsha

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